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Custom Embroidered Hats

Custom Embroidered Hats

SKU: 12345678

Custom embroidered hats can be made with any design, logo or art you want on them. We have an extremely wide variety of hats in styles, fits, and colors. We can even do two toned colored hats. We do carry FLEXFIT hats. We also have dozens of options for thread colors. Limit 3 thread colors per design before price increase. 


    Customers will have the opportunity to chose the specific type and color of hat they would like to have embroidered. Customers will provide the art work they would like to have embroidered onto the hats. There will be a one time set up charge for converting the artwork/logo into a stitch file. If the customer would like to increase the size of the artwork/logo dramatically for say the back of a coat there will be an additional minimal fee, as this requires reconfiguring of the stitch file. Our hats are made in America and are of the highest quality. Customers are welcome to purchase hats of their own if they so desire. However we do not guarantee the quality of the stitching on inferior hats purchased from China. We are happy to meet with customers in person so that they may handle sample hats to assure quality and fit. Especially with the FLEXFIT hats. 


    Returns are not available for custom work. We will of course work with you and check in with you at every step to make sure we are creating the product you desire. This is a process that takes many hours and in some cases many days, as it is usually very personal to the individual customer.

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